Welcome To Distributed Republic

The Distributed Republic explores the impact of decentralisation, web 3.0, phygital & metaverse technologies on our social, economic and political systems.
Our aim is to greater sense of community, collaboration & resource sharing within the decentralisation community.
Our mission is to ensure that communities that can benefit the most from the inception of new technologies have access to resources, education and expertise to thrive in a digital world.

Pillars of distributed participation

● Community - An ecosystem of supporters who can collaborate and contribute to the growth of the distributed revolution.
● Education – Providing services, training and educational resources to support individuals, organisations and communities to develop the skills, knowledge & behaviours required to form and participate in decentralised structures.
● Research – Developing a greater understanding around the socio-economic impact relating to the formation of distributed communities.
● Resource – Implementing decentralised economic frameworks like tokenisation to facilitate frictionless value exchange.

Support and services

● Social – A bottom-up approach to providing services, targeting communities and individuals that face the greatest adversity, cultivating the skills, knowledge, behaviours and resources to participate in distributed institutions. Working in partnership with schools, charities, community organisations and underserved communities.
● Professional – Supporting organisations to leverage decentralised technologies. Working with organisations and leaders in an advisory capacity to established decentralised institutions. This could be in relation to, but not limited to skilling, structuring and technological implementation.
● Research & advocacy – A think tank broadly researching, advising and influencing global, regional and national policy and regulation in regards to distributed and decentralised impact.
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